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a glossary of services, if you will

Online 1-1 Personal Training:

Online training via video call is an excellent method of conducting the entire coaching process, from observation to demonstration, instruction, performance, and feedback. Ideal for someone who wants to intentionally improve their fitness, health, or activity-specific readiness by maximizing the time they spend exercising - be that in at home, a gym, on the road, or wherever life takes you. This is a distinct advantage of training with Blaine: you will learn to exercise more effectively, not only how but why, and in doing so cultivate powerful ownership over a tool that will serve to enduringly improve your quality of life.


Initial Fitness Assessment: 

75 minute session going over your personal exercise/activity history, related health questions, goals, and a thorough exercise assessment to determine general and goal-specific baselines. Future assessments may range in duration significantly depending on fitness goals, progress, etc.


Exercise Plan:

Completely individualized plan accounting for the accomplishment of individual goals, while factoring in all activity and including appropriate exercise selections over the short and long term to ensure balanced, sustainable physical fitness. IE aerobic, strength, mobility, functional movement, recovery, and goal-specific fitness.

Midday Movement:

A 30 minute, small group class utilizing a combination of foam rolling, stretches, and mobility exercises to refresh and restore the body. Tailored each class to the ability and needs of the participants on that day so that everyone can participate.


Monday Rallying Cry: 

A call to action, gentle reminder, accountability check-in, and occasional educational snippet sent out Monday mornings at 7:30 for all active clients. In essence, a weekly reminder that I'm here to help, answer questions, and provide feedback between our active sessions.

Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats (sign up to my mailing list for up to date information!): 

From a few hours to an entire weekend, topics vary widely in content, location, and size. Planned events will be announced through my mailing list, and individuals or groups are free to reach out to organize more.

...the Plans

Each of these include your personalized Exercise Plan, access to Midday Movement, email support/Monday Rally Cries, Fitness Assessments, and one-on-one Personal Training. The difference is simply the frequency of the individual sessions, as detailed below 


Performance Plan (biweekly 1-1 sessions): 

For those who have an average-or-better handle on their own fitness habits, and want to maximize their training time and ensure long-term performance and health. Biweekly sessions keep you on track in terms of maintaining excellent form, effective progression, a high level of general fitness, and consistent progress towards individual goals.


Accountability Plan (weekly 1-1 sessions): 

For those who want a little more help and accountability starting, developing, and maintaining their fitness habit. Weekly sessions help you stay consistent and focused in your exercise plan, and the frequent coaching expedites the learning and development of proper exercise technique. In turn, the additional reinforcement of the baseline habits ensures regular, consistent progress towards both individual goals and general physical fitness


Premium Plan (twice weekly 1-1 sessions): 

For those who prefer the best life has to offer, you can expedite your progress towards a specific fitness goal by harnessing the power of Blaine not once, but twice a week. Twice weekly sessions are optimized for rapid and focused development of technique and habit reinforcement. Great for focused, discrete projects with clear parameters, as well as for people who require or desire a significant amount of coaching pursuant to their goals.


12-week Jump Start (Initial Assessment, 11 weeks 1-1 sessions OR 12 weeks if they were a referral, and thus credited an Initial Assessment)

If you're new to online training with Blaine, this is the best place to start. Beginning with a Fitness Assessment and then moving on to the instruction of your individualized Exercise Plan with weekly 1-1 online training sessions. The three-month time period ensures measurable progress towards your goals and strongly influences the development of a long-term fitness habit specific to you. 

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