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PERSONAL TRAINING, REAL & VIRTUAL (brought to you by quarantine!)


With Oregon gyms closed under orders of Governor Brow, all coaching and exercise plan development has shifted to online. 

We'll set up an individualized training plan based on your goals, environmental constraints, and available equipment and  exercise space. Instruction is offered through online video calls/phone.

Coaching for your own program is also available; if you have a plan you're already working on, coaching on form is available and beneficial. This would be appropriate for body weight exercise, kettlebell fundamentals, club & mace swinging, and flexibility. 


Please contact Blaine directly for inquires around pricing.


(60 minute session, 1-3x/week)

Pursue your goals with one-on-one coaching through a progressive, individualized exercise plan.



(60 minute session, 2-4x/week)

Similar to Personal Training, with less focus on individual instruction and more focus on consistent accountability and regular supervised practice. *CURRENTLY SUSPENDED, COVID*

About Blaine

Blaine keeps a quality-of-life oriented perspective on training and health. Focusing on effective, clear instruction, he has worked with a range of individuals from beginning exercise and post-rehabilitation, to athletes (mostly recreational, some serious) seeking to improve fitness & health, and enjoy the quality of life that this provides. After identifying your goals and individual learning style, a cycle of fitness evaluation/assessment, learning skills, and regular exercise begins. Having clients spend time learning to intellectually and physically understand the feedback their bodies provide, then to apply that understanding creating and refining quality fundamental skills is a cornerstone of Blaine’s coaching style. Basics, basics, basics.

Whether your interest lies in recreation, the outdoors, sport, beginning or returning to athleticism, fighting off the onslaught of gravity over years, or just looking better naked, regular exercise is for you. If you find fulfillment in the health and fitness of your body, and if you enjoy the process of learning, you'll find yourself surrounded by peers while training with Blaine. Personally holding a firm belief in lifelong learning, Blaine strives to gain and refine the skill sets necessary to communicate the necessary knowledge to those who seek to improve their quality of life, regardless of their background or experience.

Blaine started coaching after completing a vocational program through the National Personal Training Institute in 2010, and has helped hundreds of individuals improve their health and fitness with smart training and effective coaching since then. He's developed a deep appreciation for simplicity, sound basics, and patience in those years. If he’s not at the gym working or exercising, you can usually find him on a patio with a book & a beer, out in the hills camping, running, backpacking, and generally soaking up the PNW, or sitting ‘round a table laden with friends games, waxing philosophic & talking smack.


Soon-to-be very interesting video that will surely grab your attention and inspire something or other.


"I used to think that a personal trainer was a luxury that I couldn't afford. I've been a member of EFL since it's inception and I've been working with Blaine for years. Training with Blaine is not a luxury, it's a necessity. He has built training programs for me around challenging athletic events; marathons and 500 mile bike rides, challenging life events; serious illness recovery and my need to lift and handle my 100lb daughter during seizures and her other assistance needs due to her disabilities. Each day, each program is a little different based on what's going on in my life, my health and my interests. Blaine is intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and irreverent He is a kick in the ass to work out with. He is a good man who loves his Grandma and pays individualized attention to his clients of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages. He is not what I would consider your 'typical' trainer (no one at EFL is) and that it what has kept me coming back to EFL and to Blaine for all of these years."

— Alicia DeLashmutt, Title

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